About us

We are a Japanese student team challenging RoboCup Soccer SSL.

Our team consists of 1 technical college student, 10 university students and 1 graduate student.

  • gyokuron mascot

  • Hirotaka Sato Chairman/Circuit,Money

  • naki Team leader/Circuit,Power

  • Kohei Fujita Embedded part leader / Circuit,Radio

    Osaka Institute of Technology B3

  • croissant AI part leader/FPGA

    National Institute of Technology,Gifu College

  • schnee Mecha part leader/Mecha design

    Mie University

  • Kouki Takikawa Mecha design,Human NC

  • Naoya Sugishita Mecha design

  • north Mecha design

  • Akito Ito Circuit,MD

  • Shun Kayaki Circuit

    Kyushu Institute of Technology

  • nabeya AI

  • Emile AI

    Kyoto University